Top Five Times I Needed a Walgreens Healthcare Clinic New Orleans

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When you are child, you think you are invincible. I can remember jumping off a ten foot tall piece of playground equipment when I was five. I thought I was Wonder Woman. How I didn’t break a single bone in my body is a mystery to this day. My mother recalls another jumping incident when I was two; I broke my fall with the legs of a stool and my face. After spending hours in various emergency rooms, the bleeding stopped on its own. It’s too bad that a Walgreens Healthcare Clinic New Orleans didn’t exist at the time.

Times I Needed a Walgreens Healthcare Clinic

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I didn’t return to an emergency room until I was over thirty. But once I became a parent, it seemed every little scrape and illness put the thought into my head. And of course, this was always on a weekend, so the emergency room was the logical step. Trust me, sitting in an emergency room for hours with a fussy little one is not the most pleasant experience. That’s why I was happy to read that the Walgreens Healthcare Clinic me has little or no wait time. Plus, many of the things that they treat are non emergency conditions that have previously sent us to the emergency room. 

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The Illnesses

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  1. As a fairly new mother, I panicked when my son got his respiratory illness. Even though he wasn’t wheezing, the coughing seemed unbearable for his little body. The advice I received from the ER was to use a humidifier and saline spray. The healthcare professionals at Walgreens could of given me the same advice for the price of a visit to his pediatrician.
  2. Our daughter is a child that rarely gets ill with the same respiratory type illnesses. But one time, she was running a fever with a small cold. I treated the fever and put her down to bed. I went to check on her and she was sitting up; her fever hadn’t budged. I discovered that I could have given more of the fever reliever. I could have learned the same thing at Walgreens Healthcare Clinic New Orleans, as it is open until 7:30pm on weeknights.

The Injuries

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From the moment they learn to walk, kids are active 24/7. With all the climbing, running, and jumping they do, I knew that one of my children would eventually need more than a bandaid.

  1. When my son was almost two, he ran into an iron table much like the one above and hit the corner of his mouth. It led to a traumatic ER visit and xrays. Thankfully, no stitches were needed, but a less invasive Healthcare Clinic visit would have been easier on him. 
  2. Not to be outdone, a few years later, my daughter actually wound up getting stitches. She had hit her chin and cut it open. No xrays were necessary, but a sedative and a papoose board were used in order to keep her still. I still remember how incoherent the sedative made her. As an easier alternative to stitches, Walgreens healthcare providers use adhesive to close wounds.

Mama Needs Help

  1. I’ve mentioned my issues with Meniere’s and vertigo on this blog before. In recent months, the vertigo has landed me both in urgent care and the ER. It actually took several visits before an antivert was suggested. That’s what makes Walgreens Healthcare Clinics so appealing. Not only do they have healthcare professionals, they have an attached pharmacy. Perhaps I could of talked to someone that knew what medication could have helped the episodes.

Too often do we seek emergency help in a non emergency situation. Not only does this take attention away from emergency cases, it also adds a big expense to our wallet. Walgreens Healthcare Clinics are an inexpensive option for those times when you can’t get into see your regular provider.

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