Stop the Hurt and End Bullying Now

As I’ve stated before, I’ve been bullied several times in my life. From childhood to adulthood, bullies have eagerly found their way to me and made my life a nightmare. Of course, now bullying that happens to adults is called harassment; but semantics cannot change the hurt and damage that it causes. Let’s stop the hurt right now! Thanks to TakePart for sponsoring today’s discussion.

Sign the pledge below to do your part in ending bullying.

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Girl Glasses Stop Hurt End Bullying

Let me give you some details my experiences with bullying.

  • At age ten, a classmate on the bus physically threatened me. It was blown off and ironically, he grew up to be a delinquent.
  • At age fourteen, I was forced to sleep on the floor at a slumber party after my sleeping bag was ruined.
  • At age twenty, my boyfriend told me he’d break up with me if I reached a hundred pounds.
  • At age twenty-one, classmates that I was assigned with for a group project made me so uncomfortable that I stopped going to class.
  • At age twenty-eight, I told my friends malicious things that people had said about them at work. I got in trouble for saying it.
  • At age thirty-one, my fellow employees commandeered all the equipment at work so I couldn’t complete mine.
  • At age thirty-three, a group of dog lovers conspired to have me blacklisted from ever owning another dog after I heartbreakingly had to give mine up.

Long Hair Stop Hurt End Bullying

These were all instances of bullying, not harassment. It was malicious and I was deeply affected. Please, think before you say or do something. Teasing, making fun of someone, or even talking behind her back–that’s all bullying. Help your kids join the fight against bullying by teaching them the following principles:

  • Don’t engage in gossip. It adds fuel to the fire.
  • If you are able, walk away if someone starts to give you trouble.
  • Report incidents of bullying, physical or not, to a trusted adult.
  • If you notice that a classmate is being bullied, encourage him to talk to someone about it.

It’s time that we take action and end this pain. Pledge to stop bullying today! Take part by signing the pledge at the top of the page. This is an important issue that needs immediate attention before more individuals are hurt.


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