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If you have children, you probably know that they tend to dominate the television selections. Luckily, the kids’ favorite movies lately haven’t been ones with cartoons. We’ve been watching a lot of The Lord of the Rings trilogy and my husband is thrilled by their interest. I’ve gotten interested too have started reading them The Fellowship of the Ring. There are so many things you can learn from the series; here are just a few.


Did you know that some of The Lord of the Rings was influenced by World War I? J. R. R. Tolkien was greatly moved by the change in the change in the English countryside during the war. The influence of the medieval period is also prominent. Older children would benefit from a comparison of history to the books.

Character Studies

The Fellowship alone teaches kids about such qualities as bravery, loyalty, and honesty. You also have characters who can fill lessons about less desirable characteristics.

Verse Memorization

The Lord of the Rings books, as well as The Hobbit, are filled with beautiful prose and poetry that would be good for memorizing. C has already learned the One Ring translation on his own.

Middle-Earth isn’t just a fictional realm. It’s a classroom full of answers. Maybe one day I’ll even have my question answered: why didn’t Tolkein write about fairies? He seems to forgotten about them. At least I haven’t been forgotten by the fairies; I even got a visit from the Fairy Hobmother who spreads love to bloggers everywhere by giving them gift cards. Perhaps he’ll visit you next; comment on this post and find out!

Have you been visited by fairies, elves, or hobbits lately?

Disclosure: This was a compensated post.

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  1. Although I collect fairies, dragons, and wizards, I’ve not had any visit recently! I think I would very much welcome a visit from a fairy, and possibly a wizard, but not necessarily a dragon…

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