Italian Barbie and Edgar Allan Poe

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A while back, I read a heartwarming story about finding the perfect Barbie, an Italian Barbie. I have a story too of an Italian Barbie–the same one, in fact. She was made in 1979 as a part of the Dolls of the World collection. An interesting fact about her is that Mattel only used her head mold once to make a Barbie. Thus, she is a bit rare. In the late 1990′s, she was worth about $150. I hate to even think about what a mint-in-box doll would fetch today on the collector’s market. 

Barbie Meets Poe

Italian Barbie and Edgar Allan Poe

I remember getting a package from my out of town aunt a few weeks after my ninth birthday. She had wrapped the box on the inside so that I would have the fun of opening a present. Inside, there was a beautiful, dark-haired Barbie with a multi-colored skirt and apron. And she was not dressed in pink anything. She soon became my absolute favorite Barbie. I would have had her for years if the unthinkable hadn’t happened.

It was terrible…



Are you familiar with the plot of “The Tell Tale Heart?” Then I don’t need to explain what happens in the story. My sister’s class was studying Poe in school; she needed to do a diorama on one of the stories. And she had her eye on my Italian Barbie.

Can you seeing where this is going?

It was sad end for Italian Barbie; she hadn’t had a chance. It’s not anyone’s fault really. No one believed she would really do it, so no attempt was made to stop her. From time to time, I like to tease my sister that she killed my Barbie, but’s all in fun. I forgave her a long time ago. Plus, Italian Barbie would have been destroyed with the rest of my dolls in Katrina.

Moral of the story? If you hear Edgar Allan Poe, diorama, and Barbie in the same sentence, hide your dolls!

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