How to Protect Electronics from Children

We are becoming a technically advantageous society. Smart phones, laptops, and tablet computers are in many homes today. And in some of those homes, there are children. Children are notorious for changing settings, taking pictures of the floor, and occasionally dropping a phone in the bathtub. In order to safeguard our devices, we have to set some ground rules in order to protect electronics.

Dusty Computer Keyboard Protect Your Electronics

Establish a No Drinks Policy

Liquids can spell instant death for electronics. I remember spilling koolaid on a computer keyboard and it never worked right after that. Make sure that the delicate parts of your laptop or smart phone do not get ruined by a glass of water. Don’t allow any drinks by your devices.

Password Protect Your Electronics

Do you want to keep that great new app you paid $10 for or that report you spent four hours writing? Those can be deleted in mere seconds if your child takes your phone or computer unnoticed. Solve that problem by requiring a password or PIN number to use it–that your child won’t guess.

Disable Automatic Downloads

So many apps nowadays seem to have in app purchases. Save yourself the expense of buying Dora a new wardrobe or a new set of wheels for Thomas. Disable automatic purchases on your phone. While you’re at it, look into doing the same with your computer. ┬áSome of the games kids like to play come with a hefty price–viruses.

Protect Your Device from Falls

I am on my second MacBook. The first is barely alive, its screen randomly shutting off the backlight. This interesting new feature was caused by it being knocked over and dropped several times. I had the same bad luck with iPhones, then finally got a cover for my newest model. I didn’t realize that they even made covers for the MacBook until I discovered Speck, a company specializing in form-fitting protective cases for many technical devices.

speck macbook pro case box

I was so excited to find out that Speck even sells a SeeThru SATIN case for my 13″ MacBook Pro. Sometimes it’s hard to find accessories for small devices like mine. I received an aubergine case that fits my computer like a glove. It was really easy to put on too–I just snapped it in place. Closed, the cover is a dark purple; but when the computer is open, it is almost transparent.


speck macbook pro case bottom

Dark Aubergine

speck macbook pro case top



Starting tomorrow, Black Friday, and through Cyber Monday on November 23, a different case from Speck will be on sale every day:

Next time you put down your eReader or tablet, make sure it is protected against little hands. You never know what can happen!

Disclosure: I received a Speck case in exchange for my honest review. No other compensation was provided and all opinions are my own.

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