Family and the Fourth of July

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I have to say that this was the best Fourth of July ever. My husband and I decided that this year we would simplify things and spend holiday at home with our kids. That turned out to be a great decision! On Sunday, my husband sat down with the kids and showed them how to play chess. C caught on rather quickly. W… well she didn’t do as well. While I was cooking for our celebration, he played Monopoly Junior with the kids. I love cooking for holidays. I always put together an elaborate menu that reflects the feelings and traditions of the occasion. The Fourth of July evokes a menu of simplicity and comfort. It’s one of my favorite holidays to cook for.



Our Menu

I wanted to take pictures of the fireworks in the neighborhood; but I’m still learning how to use my Nikon D3000 , so I wasn’t quick enough to catch a good shot. Or any shot at all. The day ended with the children staying up way too late and finally crashed in various parts of the house. Best weekend ever!

Roasted Corn with Chili Lime Butter
Roasted corn with a savory butter rub.
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  1. 8 Fresh Ears of Corn
  2. 2 T olive oil
  3. 1 T kosher salt
  4. 1 T cracked pepper
  5. 1 Stick Butter,softened
  6. juice of one lime
  7. 1/2 t chili powder
  8. cayenne pepper to taste (optional)
  1. Husk corn and pull off silk.
  2. Soak corn in pot of water for 20 minutes.
  3. Drain corn. Trim ends.
  4. Mix olive oil with salt and pepper. Rub over corn and place in roasting pan.
  5. Roast corn in 350 degree oven for about 40 minutes.
  6. Meanwhile, mix butter with remaining ingredients.
  7. Spread butter over roasted corn and return to oven for 10 minutes.
Let's Go on a Picnic!

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Laurel is a wife and mother of two who is delighted with her little family. She loves to create a mess in the kitchen and create beauty out of chaos. During her off time, you can find her curled up with a good book and something sweet.

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